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Poway Chamber of Commerce Member Spotlight

Feb 26, 2021


As new members of the Poway Chamber of Commerce, we are so honored to be featured as their Member Spotlight for February 2021. The community of Poway is so important to us and we want our business to contribute as much as we can to the city of Poway and its community members. Click here to read our owner, Rene's, full interview, or check out the excerpt below.

Tell us about your company. 

Bio-One specializes in all types of extreme cleaning including Covid-19, blood, unattended death, homicide, suicide, hoarding, fentanyl and meth lab, teargas, mold, feces and urine cleanup throughout Southern California.

What made you decide to choose your line of work? 

Our motto is  "Help First, Business Second."  We help families, businesses and communities in their greatest time of need.  After having  held executive positions in the corporate world for 30 years, I wanted to make a direct impact on the community I live in.  In a sense, we are the last first responders and often the first step in helping families move forward after a tragedy takes place.

What is the most interesting part of your business? 

People.  The trust I have to develop with my clients is paramount as I assist families in the most vulnerable time of their lives.  I hold their privacy and ensure complete discretion as I help them navigate and mitigate difficult decisions and challenges.

What do you wish you knew starting out or what would you do differently? 

Understanding how to demonstrate our differentiators and capabilities more readily versus our competition to a wider audience.

What are you most proud of? 

The ability to remain calm and collected during  very tumultuous times for families.  I feel that I can be a source of strength and reassurance for families in times of grief and tragedy. 

Tell us something we would not know about you? 

Every moment of my back ground has led me to where I am now and has provided tools that I use on the job everyday: traveling the country for 4 years with my parents and living on a commune as an adolescent, studying sciences at UC Berkeley but ending with humanities degrees  and living in Europe as a young adult; all gave me the depth of problem solving and resourcefulness that I have today to adapt to any change.

What keeps you inspired?

Change and understanding the vast array of human condition as I discover new ways to help others in need.

When and why did you join the Poway Chamber? 

Poway is my community!

What would you tell someone who is considering joining the Poway Chamber? 

It always makes sense to learn from others and share your own story.  Start with those around you.  The Poway Chamber is a great organization to meet new people and understand different points of view.

Thanks again to the Poway Chamber of Commerce for the special feature!

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