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How Long Does Covid-19 Survive on Surfaces?

Jan 27, 2021


As California begins to allow businesses to reopen, it's more important than ever to protect your staff and customers from Covid-19. Keep reading to learn how long the virus survives on different surfaces and how to best sanitize your home or business.

How long does Covid-19 survive on surfaces?

According to a study published in the Virology Journal, Covid-19 can last on surfaces like phone screens, paper money, and stainless steel for up to 28 days. The study also found that the virus survived longer at lower temperatures and tended to last longer on non-porous or smooth surfaces, like glass and metal, as opposed to porous or rough surfaces, such as cotton.

At a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about regular room temperature, the coronavirus could last for 28 days on smooth surfaces. The survival time was found to decrease as the temperature increased. The virus was not detectable on cotton after 14 days.

Other studies suggested that cold and damp environments, close working conditions, or noisy work environments that would cause people to shout and spread respiratory droplets were much more likely to have contaminated surfaces.

It is important to regularly wash your hands and disinfect surfaces, especially as we move through the colder winter months. In San Diego, we are seeing more businesses allowed to reopen and less restrictions on social gatherings. As a business owner, reopening and running your business is already enough of a workload! The extra cleaning protocols to regularly disinfect every surface of your commercial space can be daunting. Even with diligent cleaning on your part, there’s no way to ensure that you’ve completely eliminated the virus molecules.

Protect your loved ones at home, and protect your staff and customers at your place of business by having these areas sanitized with professional EPA-approved chemicals. We’re uniquely equipped to clean biological messes, and we’ve been continually providing COVID-19 cleanup services to the people of Poway, San Diego, and surrounding areas. Don’t take chances — Call today and ask about special pricing on Covid-19 sanitation services! (858) 261-4527

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