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Decluttering for New Years

Dec 30, 2020


It's a brand new year and after the chaos of 2020, we are definitely ready for a fresh start in 2021. One common way to welcome in a new year is to set resolutions for ways to improve your life. These are often goals you work towards or new habits that you put in place, resolving not to tarnish your fresh start by slacking on these new objectives. While some people set health and fitness goals, or choose to practice a new hobby, our favorite New Years resolution involves a physical fresh start-- decluttering!

Clearing out the space in your home can sometimes be a daunting task, but with less clutter clouding your mind, you will have the mental capacity to be more productive and energetic in other areas of your life, as well! We often help with hoarders' homes, but if your rooms are less complicated and you want to give decluttering a try yourself, here are some of our favorite tips:

  • Know what you want your home to feel like. Should it be spacious? Peaceful? Open? Bright? Understand how your clutter is keeping you from reaching that end goal.
  • Ask yourselves these questions when you're going through your belongings-- 1) Do I truly need it?, 2) Do I truly love it?, 3) Would I trade my inner peace for this thing?
  • Create three categories: Keep, Trash, and Sell/Donate. Get a trash bag for the garbage and a box for the things that will be donated or sold and add items to whichever container as you go through your things.
  • Commit fully to your decluttering routine. Once you begin something, see it through to the end-- and continue to follow through even when the decluttering is done. When you bring a plate to the sink, go ahead and put it in the dishwasher. When you change clothes, don't throw them on the floor, but put them in your hamper.
  • Part with unnecessary memory clutter-- you aren't obligated to keep family heirlooms you don't even like, pass them on to a family member that might appreciate them more! As far as your own sentimental items, take pictures of things you want to remember and, if you aren't using it, pass on the thing itself.
  • In your closet, turn all your hangers backwards. When you wear an item of clothing and return it to your closet, hang the hanger facing the right way. After 6 months, look to see how many items of your clothing you haven't worn and decide which pieces you really need to keep.
  • Have a designated space for every item. This way, you know when something is out of place and where to return it to. If you can't find a place for something, maybe you need to rethink whether you should keep it!

There are so many methods for decluttering your home, but these are some of our favorite tips to add to any decluttering process. If you need help clearing space in your home, Bio-One of Poway is here to help in a compassionate and discreet manner. Whether you consider yourself a true hoarder, or if you are just overwhelmed by the clutter in your home, we can work with your budget and availability to assist you with your decluttering process. Give us a call today at (858) 261-4527

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