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Biohazard Remediation - FAQs & How Bio-One Can Help You!

Biohazard Remediation - FAQs & How Bio-One Can Help You!

Bio-One of Poway offers professional biohazard remediation services in San Diego County and surrounding communities. Our team of certified and experienced professionals is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of service. 


We specialize in removing hazardous materials, including blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious substances. We also offer decontamination services to ensure that your home or business is safe and clean after a traumatic o potentially life-threatening event.

Cleaning Biohazardous Waste is a job for Professionals.


When handling biohazardous waste, it is essential to have professionals do the job. Though the usual thing that comes to mind when thinking about biohazards is traumatic situations or violent crimes, any person could be exposed to potentially infectious materials from certain activities like dealing with animals, chemical spills, and accidents in the workplace.


Here's a list of common biohazards people can be exposed to during an accident:

Image shows face respirators (PPE) used by Bio-One remediation technicians.

  • Blood spills.

  • Body fluids like vomit, urine, feces, and secretions.

  • Bacteria and other microorganisms.

  • Chemicals and other hazardous materials.

  • Waste products.

  • Animal remains and waste.

  • Medical waste like hypodermic needles, syringes, disposable masks, and contaminated medical devices, among others.

  • Radioactive waste.


If you ever come across any of these potentially hazardous materials, the best thing you can do is contact a biohazard cleanup company to remediate, disinfect, and decontaminate the areas from dangerous bloodborne pathogens.

Image shows Bio-One remediation technician disinfecting a commercial property.

How Bio-One ensure your safety during the biohazard cleanup process?


The safety of our clients and employees is our top priority. Our team of certified professionals follows all OSHA guidelines and regulations regarding the handling and disposing of biohazardous waste.


Bio-One uses only the latest equipment, technology, and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimize the risk of disease outbreaks and infections from blood and airborne pathogens.

Biohazard Remediation - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the difference between biohazard remediation and crime scene cleanup?


Biohazard remediation is the process of cleaning and disinfecting an area that has been contaminated with hazardous materials. Crime scene cleanup is a specific type of biohazard remediation that deals with blood, bodily fluids, and potentially infectious substances.

What are some standard methods of biohazard remediation?


Standard methods of biohazard remediation include cleaning, disinfecting, and decontaminating an area.


What to do if you're exposed to biohazardous materials?


If you are exposed to any biohazards, you must seek medical attention. If you have any open wounds or cuts, wash them thoroughly with soap and water. You should also remove any contaminated clothing and dispose of it properly.


If you were injured or have difficulty breathing, or walking, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room. After you have been treated for the exposure, you should contact a biohazard cleaning company to clean and disinfect the areas where you were exposed.

Image shows Bio-One remediation technician using fogging technique to disinfect a commercial property.

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How do I know if an area is safe to enter after a biohazard has been cleaned up?


The best way to ensure that an area is safe to enter after a biohazard has been cleaned up is to contact a professional biohazard remediation company. They will be able to assess the area and provide you with a list of recommended safety measures.

Image shows Bio-One remediation technician wearing protective face mask and shield (PPE).

What are the expected biohazard cleanup costs?


The cost of biohazard cleanup can vary depending on the type and extent of the contamination. However, most professional biohazard cleanup companies like Bio-One work with major insurance carriers. If you're dealing with potential biohazards in your house, business, or property, don't hesitate to call the Bio-One team. We always offer a free estimate for our services, and your safety is our main priority! #HelpFirstBusinessSecond



Bio-One is always ready to respond to unforeseen circumstances such as death, severe accidents, and hazardous situations. We provide industry-leading cleaning and restoration services in the following areas of San Diego County:

Recovery Services


  • Crime scene cleaning services

  • Blood and bodily fluids cleaning services

  • Suicide cleaning services

  • Homicide cleaning services

  • Unattended death cleaning services

  • Biohazard cleaning services

  • Feces and bodily fluids cleaning services

  • Mold remediation services

  • Odor removal services

  • Virus Disinfection services

  • Fentanyl cleaning services

  • Emergency vehicle decontamination services

  • Sewage backup cleanup services

  • Medical Waste disposal services

Image shows Bio-One restoration technicians wearing full PPE.

Hoarding Cleanup Services


  • Hoarding cleanup services

  • Animal hoarding cleaning

  • Junk removal

  • Deep cleaning 

  • Gross filth cleaning

  • Hazardous waste removal

  • Homeless encampment cleaning

Image shows Bio-One unmarked truck parked outside a residential property.

Your Local Last Responder for Life’s Most Difficult Situations


Bio-One is the finest choice for assisting victims and their families if a suicide, homicide, unattended death, crime scene, or traumatic situation occurs. In addition to emergency services, Bio-One, a locally-owned company, also offers biohazard cleanup services for commercial and residential properties. 


We understand that biohazardous material can be a great source of stress for property owners, so we work quickly and efficiently to minimize the disruption it causes.


We collaborate with local law enforcement, neighborhoods, emergency services personnel, victim support organizations, hoarding task forces, apartment complexes, insurance company carriers, and others to provide the best service possible.


Proudly Serving San Diego County & Surrounding Communities


We proudly serve the following San Diego County, CA cities and surrounding communities: Cardiff, Del Mar, Descanso, El Cajon, Encinitas, Escondido, Julian, La Jolla, Lakeside, Mount Laguna, Poway, Ramona, Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego, Santee, and Solana Beach.

Bio-One of Poway is a proud member of the Poway Chamber of Commerce. We are available 24/7 to provide a trustworthy, reliable hoarding cleanup service. 


Our biohazard cleanup specialists have the expertise and equipment necessary to remove and safely dispose of mold from your home or office. Give us a call at 858-261-4527. Bio-One is here for you.

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